Fall/Winter 14: Designer’s RTW runway Highlight

How quickly time passes! Are you ready for the brand new season fashionistas?

Fashion Week AW14 has ended few months ago, as always, the end of Fashion week brought with it the inevitable forecasting & preview of what will be in stores for the coming season. Boyish VS feminine, grunge VS opulence, past VS present, maximalist VS minimalist, it’s all about CONTRAST for the coming season.

Here, we’ve highlight some top picks of the best autumn/winter 2014 runway moments from the shows in Paris, New York, London and Milan.

P CollagePD CollagePrada – The oversize XXL Coat & 60′s prints

BP CollageBurberry Prorsum – Prints on prints (scarves and blankets on garments)

Vt CollageValentino – The 60′s Pop

BV CollageBottega Veneta – The geometry colour-block puzzle

LV Collage

Louis Vuitton – Aspen Chic on leather & Suede

CD Collage

Christian Dior – The boyish coat

ES CollageElie Saab – The Dark Opulence

VB CollageVictoria Beckham – The monotone minimalist

CK CollageChristopher Kane – The Nylon

Sl Collage

Saint Laurent – The boyish preppy

C CollageChloe – The boyish cut

GV CollageGivenchy – The animal prints on sheer


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Caught up in a Korean wave – Korean Fashion Week 2014

Asian fashions form a constantly and rapidly growing in the international fashion scene, and Korean fashion statement is making their mark on the world’s fashion house! Yes, the Korean wave, aka“Hallyu” phenomena has made its ways all over the globe.

Considering its status as Asia’s fashion trendsetter, Korean fashion trend started to be popular, not only embraces its uniqueness theme through fashion, but also something that will fit into any wardrobe. Korean style has its own inspiration are now widely used by almost every youngster & teenagers worldwide, due to the Increasing popularity of Korean celebrities in the world. These celebrities are becoming the Korean fashion’s ambassador and fashion trendsetter which many people want to capture.





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Trend alert: Back it up!


No longer just for school kids or teenagers, the grade school staples has become a chic and necessary accessories for adults. They’re half functional, half accessory that blends in perfectly, that’s why we’re big fans of the latest 90′s revival – the backpack <3

Let’s forget about the old-school backpack with cushioned straps and multiple organizer pockets, trust me, these are not the same nylon bags that you once knew. It’s graduated into more fashionable and convertible styles with super on-trend details like studs, fringe, and contemporary prints that are sleek enough for a casual outing, work or a night out.


Cara2Cara Delevingne in Mulberry AW14

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Celebrity inspired: The summer printed outfits that our favourite celebs are wearing!

Last call for the summer prints!!!

It’s almost the end of August – your last chances to squeeze in one last summer look before we move on to the new season. So, to make sure your wardrobe doesn’t miss the last beat this summer, we’ve created a round-up list of our favourite looks from our favourite celebs like Taylor swift, Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and more. Let’s scroll through and find out the summer dresses and rompers that our favourite celebrities are wearing and shop your favourite summer outfits along the way!


main.original.585x0 (6)


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Trend alert: Ankle strap heeled sandals

strappy-minimalist-sandals-streetstyleSay hello to your sexiest summer sandals – The ankle strap heeled sandals! The dainty ankle strap heels with a single strap around the toes. It’s basic, effortless, minimalist yet irresistibly sexy & stylish! The ankle strap heeled sandals is currently all the rage in the fashion scene – in the blog, Instragram, Pinterest, street style and quickly become a favourite staple of designers, celebrities and fashion bloggers!

These beauties are so simple but make the biggest statement, and what makes them absolutely amazing is their ability to pull together even the drabbest outfits, and they can go with nearly every outfit to keep it effortless chic, you may dress it up with an evening frock or down with a casual pair of jeans and shorts.

Megan Fox in Giuseppe Zanotti Two-Tone Leather Ankle-Strap Sandals for the New York premiere of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Megan Fox in Giuseppe Zanotti Two-Tone Leather Ankle-Strap Sandals for the New York premiere of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

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Steal her style: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Karlie Kloss in floral print maxi dress

We always admire British supermodel and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s effortlessly chic and charming style, and over the past weeks, we’ve taken special notice of her expert ability to rock on the one of the hottest and practical summer fashion piece – Reformation floral printed maxi dress, from breezy daytime to a glam evening.

Rosie 1

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 2

The supermodel undoubtedly turned heads in her stunning printed flora maxi dress, she teamed it with summer sandals and pendant necklace, as she carried just a basic purse or designer handbags, simple yet chic!

Karlie Kloss Reformation

Meanwhile, we love how American model Karlie Kloss team her Reformation printed maxi dress with a studded sandals and studded handbag too!

001-110-0748_6_European style black flora print maxi dress RM95 RM65

001-110-0749_1_cover_1European style flora print maxi dress RM99 RM69


European style tropical print dress RM95 RM65


European style black floral print maxi dress RM89 RM59


European style printed high waist maxi dress RM95 RM65


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Tip & Tricks: How to dress for rectangle-shaped body

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing the dressing guidelines for different body type, I have already covered the adorable apple body shape, pretty pear body shape, hot hourglass body shape and this week we are going to look at the rectangle-shaped body.

P/S:  If you’re not sure about your body-shape, you may take a quick shape-finder quiz at here to find out more :)

As a quick reminder you have a rectangle body shape when:

  • Your shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width
  • You have a straight-up-and-down figure & do not have a lot of curve
  • You have little or no waist definition
  • you have a small / average bust
  • You have a flat hips, tummy & bottom

Tips #1 – Tops & Dresses: Create curve & add dimension to your bod

  • Look for bust-enhancing necklines such as scoop-neck, V-neck, sweetheart tops, bustier tops & off-the-shoulder tops that wider up your top which tricks the eye into making your waist look smaller
  • Choose tops that add more curves on top. For example, tops with ruffles & pleats, frills & bow, breast pockets, front panels. or embellishment at the bust
  • Choose tops with Lace, pleats and ruffles details along the shoulder and sleeve area
  • Make sure these details are placed on top – shoulder to bust area to avoid highlighting your waist



European style stripe sweetheart dress RM 99 RM65


Korean style lace & stripe off shoulder top RM85 RM55


European style lace sleeve & pleated top RM75 RM49


European style daisy mesh panel top RM85 RM59

Tips #2 – Tops & Dresses: Define your waist

  • Any type of dress that adds definition to your waist is a must-have for rectangle body shape. In example, wrapped dress, empire cut waist, nipped pencil dress, belted tops & dresses
  • Add belt to your waist to create more of an hourglass figure
  • Avoid stiff and shapeless dress, they only emphasize your rectangle body shape



European style pleated midi dress RM93 Rm63


Striking pink belted top RM69 RM39

Tips #3 – Jackets: Cover your straight waist

  • Choose Peplum jackets or belted cardigan that create fit and flare at your midsection.
  • Wear long jackets that end right below the waist or stop at the hip to create a lean look
  • Avoid very short jackets that end above your waist, as they will emphasize your straight waist.



European style lace peplum jacket RM99

Tips #4 – Bottom: Create a girly shape

  • To give the illusion of more curves, choose skirts that provide a girly shape – A-line skirt, tulip skirt, bubble skirt, ruffle skirt, pencil skirt, flares skirt, etc
  • Look for pants that add curves to your lower half while creating an hourglass effect. In example, Skinny pants, slim fit jeans or pants with moderate flare
  • Avoid big flares and cargo pants, which can make you look more boyish than you are



European style white lace hem skirt RM79 RM55


European style light blue pleated ruffle skirt RM79 RM55


Embroidered ripped skinny jeansRM119 RM79

Hope the above helps <3


Fashion Consultant

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Tip & Tricks: How to dress for hourglass-shaped body

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

This is continuation article on how to dress for your body type, in this article we are going to look at the hourglass-shaped body.

P/S:  If you’re not sure about your body-shape, you may take a quick shape-finder quiz at here to find out more :)

As a quick reminder you have an hourglass body shape when:

  • both your upper and lower body are equal in size but your midsection/waist is much narrow and clearly defined
  • Your shoulders are in proportion with hips
  • Fuller and curvy bust and bottom to contrast with the smaller waist
  • You have shapely Legs or bigger thighs

Tips #1 – Tops & Dresses: Highlight your shape & waist 

  • Look for tops & dresses that will accentuate your waist like wrap tops, belted tops, or tops with banding or nipping at the waist, it helps to pull the fabric in at the skinniest part of your waist, drawing the focus to your waist without adding any extra volume to your chest.
  • Look for fit and flare pieces from your casual tee shirts to your blouses and dresses to show off you curves, and opt for stretchy material too if you have a flat tummy
  • If you have a flat tummy, show off your perfect proportion and tiny waist with bustier top & short crop top
  • Avoid shapeless baggy tops & jumpers that hide your wonderful waist

001-110-0734_3_coverEuropean style navy blue wrap dress RM105 RM75



Striking pink belted top RM69 RM39


Korean style cut-out crop top RM95 RM65


Fancy flora bustier top RM75 RM50

Tips #2 – Tops & Dresses: Balance your bust 

  • Wear low, slimming neckline like V-necks, V-neck halters, sweethearts, scoop or wide necks as narrow neckline will slim down your bust and keep it looking balanced. Low neckline helps to draw the eye closer to your narrow waist
  • Stay away from volume-enhancing details on your top like big ruffles, bows, embellishment, pleats, frills, etc since these tend to make your top portion more heavy and it will detract from your waist’s natural narrowness if it is placed on waist



European style pleated midi dress RM93 RM63


European style v-neck stripe dress RM79 RM55

Tips #3 – Jackets: Emphasize your hips

  • Stick with short or cropped jackets that stop just above your hips accentuate your curves in a flattering way
  • Fitted and tailored coats and jackets with waist definition that slim down into the waist will emphasize your figure. Fitted button-under-the-bust blazers look fabulous on you too
  • Look for belted coat, trench coats, or other fits that draw in toward the waist
  • Avoid baggy boyfriend jackets, boxy baseball jacket and shapeless drop-waist jackets that do not show your waist



European style geo print shirt jacket RM99 RM69


European style flora print short jacket RM99 RM69


V-neck slim suit blazer RM125

Tips #4 – Bottoms: Keep Your Bottom Streamlined

  • Opt for classic skirt-cut like A-line skirt, pencil skirt, short straight skirt, full circle skirt, etc. They will cling to your figure around your tiny waist and keep things streamlined.
  • Stick with mid-rise or high-waist skirt & pants to elongate the leg,  low waisted ones only add bulk to your lower half.
  • Opt for pants that have a slight flare and flat front like wide-leg and boot-cut styles. The flare keeps the bottom portion of your leg balance with your wide hips.
  • Avoid skirt & pants with big voluminous pockets, ruffles, embellishments, or fancy pleated on the front or around the hips, remember to keep your bottom simplified



Korean style light blue high-waist jeans RM155 RM105


White stripe & mesh midi skirt RM85 RM55

Hope the above helps! XO <3


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Tip & Tricks: How to dress for pear-shaped body

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

This is continuation article on how to dress for your body type, in this article we are going to look at the pear-shaped body.

P/S:  If you’re not sure about your body-shape, you may take a quick shape-finder quiz at here to find out more :)

As a quick reminder you have an pear body shape when:

  • Weight in the lower half of your body
  • You have a small to medium chest with wide and curvy hips
  • You have narrower shoulders than hips
  • You have a defined waist
  • You have thick thighs and big bottom

Tips #1 – Top & Dresses: Even out the proportion

  • Added some volume and create some extra visual weight on the top half of your body with layered top, ruffles tops, pleated top, etc
  • Top & dresses with wide sleeve, bell sleeve, cap sleeve, bat wing sleeve, puffy sleeve can create the illusion of wider/stronger shoulders & arms  balance out your curvy bottom
  • Top & dresses with shoulders details like frills or sequins on the shoulders will also give the appearance of broader shoulders



Korean style stripe print dress RM125 RM89

001-120-0568_5_coverEuropean style polka print layered top RM69 RM45

Tips #2 – Top: Draw away attention to upper body 

  • Outfit your upper body in  bold colours, big prints and design to catch the eye at the top, making your shoulders and chest seem a bit broader
  • Sleeveless top will draw the eye to your upper body as well
  • V-neckline & embellishment top helps to draw away the attention from your lower body



European style art print top RM79 RM55


Korean style tribal print top RM105 RM75


Korean style trrbal print top RM105 RM75

Tips #3 – Jacket: Add volume to your arms & choose the right length

  • keep an eye out for styles like bell and kimono sleeve jacket to naturally voluminous your heavy bottom
  • Try to wear jackets that have rolled or scrunched sleeves, these also add volume to your arms
  • Choose the jackets that fall below your hips to avoid accentuate of the pear shape effect

001-140-0316_4_coverPurplish flora print kimono jacket RM99 RM69


European style colour flora print kimono jacket RM89 RM59

Tips #4 – Skirt & Pants : Mask the widest part of your body

  • Stick to dark colours pants & skirt as it’s give the slimming effect to the widest part of your hip
  • Choose wide legs trousers and boot-cut/straight cut trousers as they don’t over-emphasize your thighs and hips and follow the shape to the knee and balance it on the bottom part
  • A-line midi skirt or maxi skirt helps to draw away attention to the end point to avoid focus on the widest part of hip
  • Avoid anything that clings to the hips, such as pencil skirts or bodycon skirt.

001-150-0109Korean style wide leg trousers RM79


Korean style black plait mesh midi skirt RM99 RM85

Hope the above helps <3 XOXO


Fashion Consultant

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Tip & Tricks: How to dress for apple-shaped body

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

Photo credit : mysuryayoga.blogspot.com

Have you ever wonder “What is my body type?” or “What the best body shape is?” Well, when it comes to looking good, it’s not your size or shape that matters, it’s all about the clothes that fit your body shaped.

So, are you wearing the right clothes for your body shape ladies? I believe it’s so fun to try all the trendy and chic fashion items out there, but it’s also easy to end up wearing the totally wrong cloth for you.

Ta-daaaaa~~~ we’re here to help *wink* :) :) We will guide you ladies the basic style tips on how to dress for your body type, and today I’m starting with the apple-shaped body.

P/S:  If you’re not sure about your body-shape, you may take a quick shape-finder quiz at here to find out more :)

As a quick reminder you have an apple body shape when:

  • Weight around your chest and mid section (bust and tummy)
  • Undefined waistline or a little waist definition
  • Your hips may be narrow than your mid section
  • Broad or round shoulder line and flat bottoms
  • Thinner arms & legs

Tips #1 – Dresses : Draw away attention 

  • Dresses with embellishment collar or sleeve to draw away to attention from the middle; simple details neckline like peter-pan collar, lace, etc will do the tricks too
  • Dresses with detail hemline to draw away attention to the end of body
  • Avoid waistline details that focus on your mid section

001-110-0673_cDress with lace details sleeve & neckline to draw away attention from middle body.Wrap waist design helps to minimize the weight on waist.

Elegant white lacey dress RM89 RM59

001-110-0655_coverWhite lace chiffon maxi dress RM99 RM69

001-110-0576_coverThis dress is a very good example where the focus of attention will be on sleeve & hemline

Korean style daisy flora dress RM69

Tips #2 – Tops : Emphasize your bust & expanding your waist

  • Tops with plunging necklines or V-necklines to emphasize on your great bust
  • Tunic or tops with longer length to expand the waistline

001-120-0492_coverLoose tops with longer length do the trick on extend your waistline

Loose white top with sparkling stone RM119 RM79


001-120-0410Puppy printed top RM60

Tips #3 – Jackets : Choose the right shape & length

  • Structured jackets with V-shaped neckline
  • Jackets with button below the bust
  • Long jackets that ends around the hips or a bit lower

001-140-0296_coverBlack slim fit long blazer RM105 RM75

001-140-0285_coverRose pink blazer with lace sleeve RM119 RM79

001-140-0281_coverNavy long suit blazer RM89 RM59

Tips #4 – Pants & Shoes : Balance your bottom proportion & Show your legs

  • Wear pants with flat front and back pocket to balance your waist. Avoid pleats on the front that add weight to your midsection.
  • Wear short pants to show off your gorgeous legs
  • Avoid skinny jeans that minimize your legs
  • Wear strappy sandals, platform shoes or wedges to show off your legs and create a fuller bottom
  • Avoid kitten heels that make your legs look smaller and draw even more attention to your waist

001-150-0311Blue slim fit casual pants RM88

001-240-0339_coverWhite mesh platform heels RM89 RM55

001-240-0355_cover_Roman white strappy platform sandals RM69 RM45


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